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Porcelain Crowns and Bridges

A strong and durable Porcelain Crown in just one visit

Porcelain Crowns from $1180

What are Crowns and Bridges?

Porcelain crowns are customised caps that are permanently bonded to your natural tooth. Crowns can restore strength by giving you a new enamel like cover and give you back that beautiful, healthily-looking natural smile you deserve.

A bridge is a permanent replacement of missing teeth. The bridge is attached to the teeth on either side of the gap. It is attached with permanent cement. A non surgical quick procedure and is good for patients with existing medical conditions eg, anxiety, diabetes, osteoporosis and other.

For Every Budget

Crowns from $1280

Normally $1495 - $2200
We can give you a quote after we examine your teeth and plan your treatment.

1 Cerasmart Crown
1 Emax Crown
1 Zirconia Crown

0% interest payment plans available over $2000

Our on-site technology means you only need one visit and you don’t incur additional laboratory fees. This means our Porcelain Crowns are more affordable, and you can spend less time in the dentist chair!

Cerasmart NEW
Force Absorbing, Flexible Nano Ceramic CAD/CAM Block

EMAX CAD - The world's best-selling glass-ceramic

Zir CAD, Zirconia

When is a Crown Suitable?

In any of the cases below; the strength of your tooth has been compromised. Crowns can restore strength by giving you a new enamel like cover and give you back that beautiful, healthily-looking natural smile you deserve.
Dr Herman using dental equipment

The most advanced and effective restoration process available

CEREC allows the dentist to perform conservative restorations and save more of your healthy tooth. It protects your natural tooth structure. This means even LESS drilling. It also ensures the best fit and achieves a perfect bite. Because the process involves high-precision measurements and hi-tech ceramics. CEREC porcelain crowns have the same expansion rate as tooth material which is one of the reasons they can last for many decades.

Herman Dental is located in the state heritage listed former Ithaca Fire Station @ 140 Enoggera Terrace Paddington.


Some History About Our Building

The Ithaca Fire Brigade was established by the merger of Milton and Ithaca Fire Brigades in 1918.

Costing 500 Pounds at the time the first stage of the building was built by the fire fighters themselves using materials salvaged from other fire stations.

In 1919 a new station was opened which contained an engine room, recreation room, large dormitory, bathroom and verandah.

In 1928, an extra floor was added to accommodate the officer in charge.

The fire station operated until 1992, making it the longest fire station to operate in the Brisbane Area.

To this day much of the building has been kept original. You can still see the fireman’s pole in the building today! 

What areas do we service?

Being located in the heart of Paddington allows us to serve as a local dentist for many of Brisbane City’s inner suburbs. With convenient parking available our main servicing area’s  are from paddington and surrounding suburbs including Ashgrove, Bardon and Red Hill. However, anyone is welcome to our practice.