Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners

Recent advances in technology have allowed many companies to come up of new aligner products.

On the most promising aligners brands from Invisalign to ClearCorrect by Straumann, Clarity by 3M, SureSmile by Dentsply Sirona, Spark by Ormco, F22 by Sweden and Martina, Alineadent in Spain, Smileclub and Angelalign in China.

We use models and the most precise and accurate dental scanner that takes great images of all the teeth taken by an experienced dentist scanning, for the Schwartz-Korkhaus Model Analysis and Lateral Cephalometric Analysis of the Lateral Ceph and OPG X-rays, to look at the teeth and their roots as well the treatment is designed and staged for realistic movement sequencing.

Schwartz-Korkhaus Model Analysis

Lateral Cephalometric Analysis

Regular dental check-ups by a professional dentist to check the teeth are if the aligners are fitting properly and tracking. If they are not re-scan and new well-fitting aligners are made.

With constant improvements on materials and techniques, in the right hands clear aligners are an effective orthodontic method and the resulted improving getting better and better and they overtake the outcomes achieved by conventional braces.

Those are the reasons why their effectiveness is indisputably attached to academic training and experience of the professionals.

Dentist and patient smiling

We offer a predictability and quality with our extensive training in Clear Aligners.

Knowledge and experience allow us, in quite a few complex situations to use auxiliary techniques to complement the aligners deficiencies and get predictable results.

We can achieve major tooth movements can be accomplished with a series of aligners by changing the teeth on the setup slightly as treatment progresses, by 0.25mm linear movement and 1 degree of the tip and two degrees of torque.

With 3 treatment options 10 aligners and 1 free refinement (touch-up), 20 aligners 2 free refinement (touch-up), or unlimited course of aligners with unlimited refinement (touch-up).

The most significant being the simulation of the root movements and not only crown movements.