Tooth Coloured Restoration

Barely noticeable fillings

Tooth coloured restorations are a highly effective and affordable cosmetic dental procedure to restore tooth chips, stains or cracks. A white resin composite bonding is used to repair the tooth, achieving a natural and aesthetically pleasing result. Tooth coloured restorations are a proven and safe dental innovation that can brighten your smile and support the tooth structure.

In our welcoming and comfortable dental clinic in Paddington, we prepare a tooth-coloured composite resin that is placed over the tooth in layers. Each layer is hardened under a specialised light and the final result is shaped and polished to match your smile and natural tooth colour.

A safer innovation that restores function

Much safer than outdated amalgam fillings, Herman Advanced Dental uses small mounts to ensure almost no shrinkage in the composite material. This prevents expanding or contracting for a longer-lasting result.

Dental closeup

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