Custom-made removable Dentures

Herman Advanced Dental can design and install removable dentures to correct a range of often debilitating teeth conditions. From cosmetic issues that lead to poor confidence, through to eating difficulties that can cause serious digestive problems, missing teeth can affect your entire health and wellbeing.

We offer a range of superior denture options and designs that can restore your mouth and smile to its very best. These include conventional removable dentures, dental implants that are bonded or clasped onto the teeth, and partial and complete dentures. We also have a range of different material options, including the technologically advanced and more flexible valplast.

Convenient, affordable and designed on-site

Our highly trained team will recommend the best denture design and material to suit your unique dental needs. Designed and installed in our Paddington dental clinic, our dentures offer a cost-effective and simple way to restore your appearance.

Dentist, receptionist and patient chatting

Protect your investment

We’ll ensure you have all the information you need to carefully maintain your new dentures in their optimum condition. We can also expertly perform any adjustments and repairs that may be needed in the future.