Holistic Dentistry

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We consider your oral health as well as your overall wellbeing

Holistic dentistry is a new philosophy that considers the health of all of your body when planning the treatment of your mouth, gums and teeth. We focus on you as a person, not only on your teeth and gums, treating any oral health concerns in alignment with your overall physical health. We believe that nothing in the body works in isolation, and that a healthy mouth is essential for general wellbeing. We carefully assess whether your gums, teeth and jawbone are all working together in a healthy unison.

At Herman Advanced Dental, our holistic dentist uses modern, state-of-the-art technology and safe and non-toxic materials, including Admira Fusion, the world’s first purely ceramic-based restorative material that doesn’t contain any classic monomers such as Bis GMA, TEGDMA or HEMA. With very low shrinkage or shrinkage stress, Admira ensures that you benefit from the highest standards of fillings for the long term.

Dr Mirela showing x-ray of teeth

Effective, natural treatment methods

Also known as ‘alternative dentistry’, holistic dentistry focuses on how the health of your mouth can significantly impact the rest of your body. We are able to achieve effective and long-lasting results using natural treatments.

Safely remove old amalgam fillings

Herman Advanced Dental can safely and effectively remove any existing amalgam fillings that contain toxic mercury. Older amalgam fillings are not biologically friendly and they expand and contract with different food temperatures and this can sometimes crack the teeth they are meant to repair. We can then replace with the latest high-quality compounds available that closely match your tooth colour. This is a less invasive process that achieves superior bonding to the natural tooth.

Amalgam-free dentistry

Our holistic dentist does not use amalgam fillings that contain mercury and other potentially harmful materials. Instead, we use non-toxic, biocompatible materials for fillings that do not interfere with any of the body’s functions. We also use non-surgical methods to prevent and treat gum disease, and we treat root canals with non-invasive treatments.

Dr Mirela showing patient teeth on screen

Comprehensive holistic dentistry services

At Herman Advanced Dental, you and your family can access a full range of holistic dentistry services that don’t just treat the teeth, but treat the whole mouth.